We recommend both the IAR Systems and the Keil 8051 C-compilers for software development. Each corporation has supported our products for many years with an optimizing C-compiler that delivers cycle-efficient and predictable results.

IAR Systems Logo

IAR Workbench for 8051 has been used by a number of our customers. It produces excellent results in terms of both code density and cycle efficiency.

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The Keil C51 C-compiler, and uVision integrated development IDE, support all our products. In particular the 16-bit pointer extensions to the M8051W and M8051EW are used during compiler optimization to produce more efficient code and run times.


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The M8051EW debug interface is fully compatible with FS2 debugger solutions which provide a PC based software debug environment and JTAG interface cable. The M8051EW is designed to support a rich set of debug functions including run, stop, break, hardware and software breakpoints and triggers, instruction traceback and full debugger read/write access to all 8051 memory spaces and registers. The debug interface is a four-wire JTAG-compliant interface.


All our designs are 100% binary and cycle compatible with Intel's MCS-51 family of microcontrollers. Many data sheet archive sites continue to provide the original Intel MCS-51 documentation.