The Syntill8 product portfolio includes a family of microcontroller soft IP cores, originally designed for Mentor Graphics Corporation, comprising the M8051M8052M8051W and M8051EW. These quality designs are all silicon-proven with countless tape outs over many years. They have a long established reputation with the blue chip semiconductor manufacturers for quality and ease of use.


Additional peripheral interface IP cores are available for use with the 8051 microcontroller IP. We offer a Four-Wire Slave Interface (M4WIS), a Two-Wire Slave Interface (M2WIS) core, and a 1-Gigabit UDP/Ethernet MAC (UDPMAC) core. These functions are in addition to the peripherals built into the microcontroller IP cores.


  • All IP designs are delivered as synthesisable Verilog & VHDL RTL source code.
  • A configuration script to help you customize the design source code to your particular requirements.
  • A self-checking testbench simulation environment that demonstrates the design functionality using behavioural HDL and an assembler code test program. This testbench can be used to test your RTL and netlist implementations of the IP core.
  • Example Modelsim and Cadence simulation scripts.
  • Example Synopsys, Xilinx and Altera constraint and synthesis scripts.
  • Example scan insertion scripts for Synopsys and Mentor tools.
  • Comprehensive documentation including a concise product specification and a practical user guide which contain implementation guidance and examples.

All IP core products are provided under a simple licensing model.