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8051 Microcontroller Intellectual Property

The Syntill8 family of microcontroller IP, originally designed for Mentor Graphics Corporation, has a long established reputation with the blue chip semiconductor manufacturers and start-ups alike, for quality, reliability and ease of use. Having been used in hundreds of ASIC and FPGA designs since 1996, the cores have seen thorough verification in a wide variety of applications.

  • Silicon-proven
  • Foundry-independent
  • Highly configurable
  • Easy to integrate
  • Verilog and VHDL RTL source code
  • Verilog and VHDL functional testbenches
  • Extensive and thorough documentation
  • Supported by industry standard C-compilers

Fast 8-bit 8051

The M8051W is a step up from the 8051 and 8052 and offers enhanced speed and reduced power consumption, together with extended features. More...

Fast 8-bit 8051 with
On-Chip Debug

The M8051EW builds off the M8051W and includes a rich hardware debugger - a JTAG debug port that supports external debugger environments. More...

Classic 8051 & 8052

The M8051 and M8052 are designed to provide precise clock cycle compatibility with discrete Intel devices. More...

Peripheral IP

M8051 designs need to connect to a variety of interfaces. Syntill8 offers IP interface cores, with integration wrappers, to simplify your IC designs. More...