Syntill8 consulting regularly provides assistance to new and existing clients on diverse design and methodology issues. Each project is different but common motivations are to reduce risk and time to market. To give you an idea, here are some of the briefs we have recently accepted:

Bridge Design

A common specification requirement involves asynchronous or synchronous protocol bridge designs, and often an associated DMA engine. We have delivered custom designs for bridges to common bus standards such as VSIA, OCI, AMBA and PCI. Our custom-made interfaces range from simple to complex descriptor-based systems. In most cases customers not only make use of our experience but also elements from our existing design IP library.

Peripheral Customisation

We get many and varied requests for binding third party peripherals to our 8051's. Common requests are for CAN, USB, and I2C integration.


In addition to consulting projects Syntill8 provides specific training to engineers tasked with integrating an M8051 core and to software developers targeting our microcontrollers for the first time. This typically takes the form of a one or two day presentation and practical workshop at the customer site.

Processor Design 101

The most unusual consulting task we undertook was to teach a team of analogue engineers from an Egyptian television manufacturer how to design an 8-bit microprocessor. In the space of a few days we went from instruction set selection all the way through to tape-out for sample production on a Multi Project Wafer (MPW).

Going Forward

Whatever your requirement we would be pleased to explore options, to discover whether Syntill8 can assist you. We will be happy to develop with you a specification requirement for the task, and then offer a fixed-price quotation for the work.