London, United Kingdom.

Syntill8 ltd. is proud to celebrate 15 years in the 8051 IP licensing and design consultancy business. Since 1998 our 8051 soft core IP designs have enjoyed significant success, having been licensed over 75 times, to both multinational and startup companies, for use in hundreds of IC designs. In 1998 Syntill8 began designing 8051 microcontroller IP cores for the Mentor Graphics IP Division, and provided pre-sales and post-sales technical support services to Mentor Graphics’ 8051 IP customer prospects and licensees. Only a handful of companies offered 8051 microcontroller IP 15 years ago, which enabled these microcontroller cores to very quickly become widely licensed for use in diverse applications, and silicon proven in a variety of libraries. The 8051 IP offered by Syntill8 has been used in various applications such as cameras, smartphone’s, car’s and even a space shuttle.

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