London, United Kingdom.

Syntill8 ltd. proudly announces the availability of two new companion interface IP cores; a two-wire slave interface (M2WIS) and a four-wire slave interface (M4WIS) designed specifically for use with Syntill8’s silicon proven and widely used 8051 Microcontroller IP soft cores, the M8051W and M8051EW.

These highly configurable two-wire and four-wire slave cores provide the complementary function to the integral two-wire and four-wire interfaces that are included in the standard M8051W and M8051EW microcontroller cores. They are seamlessly integrated, so that no engineering time needs to be invested in coupling these two functions.

When the M2WIS and M4WIS are used in conjunction with the M8051W or M8051EW cores, customers are able to reduce time to market and focus their engineering efforts on product differentiation. Syntill8 customers are already implementing the M2WIS and M4WIS into designs.

For more information view the M2WIS and M4WIS datasheets and/or contact us for more detailed information.